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Select the block, you will see the settings option in the right sidebar. You can see there are 2 tabs for configuration: General and Style.

General Tab

TikTok Feed- Two Tab


In TikTok feed settings, you can set up your profile.

Also, can show or hide the profile, image, name, button, Following, Followers, Total Likes, and Biography.

Profile Settings
Profile Settings


You can show or hide the layout of the gallery videos, the “View on TikTok” button, the “Load More” button, and the popup content.

Tiktok Feed- Content
Tiktok Feed- Content


You can change the layout select, feed per page, column gap, row gap, columns, and lightbox.

Tiktok feed- Layout Settings
Tiktok feed- Layout Settings

Video overlay

You can show or hide likes, comments, and views

TikTok Feed- Video Overly View Like Comment
TikTok Feed- Video Overly View Like Comment

Video Image Aspect Ratio

You can select the video-image ratio.


You can change profile cache time and videos cache time

TikTok Feed- Image Ratio Cache Time
TikTok Feed- Image Ratio Cache Time

Style Tab


From here you can change the profile layout, there are three layouts default, card, and compact

Also change profile layout alignment, background color, info color, and padding

Tiktok Feed- Profile Style
Tiktok Feed- Profile Style


You can change the button text, typography, padding, color, and hover color

Tiktok Feed- Share button- style
TikTok Feed- Share button- style

Info Count

From this option, you can change the info color and count color

Tiktok Feed- Info Count Style
TikTok Feed- Info Count Style


You can change the biography color

Tiktok Feed- Biography Style
TikTok Feed- Biography Style

Load More

From here you can change load more button text.

Tiktok Feed- Load More
TikTok Feed- Load More

Overly Icon Color

You can change overly content color, icon color, and icon size.

Tiktok Feed- Overly Style
TikTok Feed- Overly Style

Content Icon

You can change the content icon size

TikTok Feed- Content Icon Style
TikTok Feed- Content Icon Style


you can set button typography, colors,hover colors, padding and button icon size

Tiktok Feed- Button Style
TikTokY Feed- Button Style


You can select patterns

TikTok Feed- Patterns
TikTok Feed- Patterns
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